Black Friday is one of the largest events for retailers due to the amount of people planning to shop and take advantage of special discounts and sales. It gets even better when nothing stands between you and the items you look forward to buying by taking your shopping online. We’ve gathered five items with varying productivity and efficiency purposes for you with our 5 best business buys on Amazon this Black Friday.

1. Amazon Echo 4th Generation

Just about every household has a digital assistant in some form, whether it’s on people’s phones, within their desktop/ laptop or through another device. This technology makes life easier than ever, with the ability to search for anything you ask within seconds as well as pairing with other smart technology in your office or home to control things such as lights, temperature and more with one ask. Plus, customization options offer a great personalized feel. In short, it’s no wonder why items like these would be present on everyone’s Black Friday list. As you may know, one of the most iconic brands with these products is none other than Amazon itself, with the Echo Dot being Amazon’s best selling electronic during the 2019 holiday season

First, we have to talk about Alexa; this AI is more than just a text-to-speech program, as she has quite a bit of personality. Aside from sounding human, Echo’s Alexa can listen to your voice, regardless of what direction you’re facing thanks to its 360 degree speaker grill, and respond intellectually to whatever commands you have for her. Alexa also connects to the internet, which allows her to better process questions you ask, giving you access to all the information the internet has to offer, through this device.

In our opinion, one of the best parts about the Amazon Echo is it can be synced up to all your devices, including your phone, and act as a personal assistant. Whether you need to take note of your to-do list, schedule a meeting for a future date with reminders or make an online purchase, it is capable of doing it all.

And, we’d be remiss not to say it, but Alexa is a pretty good party companion as well. The Echo can be linked to your Amazon Prime or Spotify account and play your music of choice on command. Anyone up for a little Fleetwood Mac, “Dreams”?

2. NETGEAR EX2700 WiFi Range Extender

Once upon a time, everyone struggled with the old method of internet connection. Between the hassle of keeping an eye on the dial-up connection and making sure the analog phone lines weren’t busy, it’s no secret that everyone much prefers how WiFi works. 

Still, some internet users might find their current WiFi is still limiting their mobility. It’s understandable that not everyone would want to be confined to a stationery desk 24/7, but if your internet connection gets spotty the further you get from your modem it makes it more difficult to move about effectively. A range extender, however, can remedy this issue.

While there are a handful of brands that make range extenders, Netgear’s products are generally regarded as the better offerings in the market. They’re also easy to install. After finding a spot in the house where the 800 sqft coverage can spread evenly, plug it into a wall outlet and go through the 5-minute One-Touch setup. You can connect up to 10 devices, and it’s even capable of connecting with wired devices via 10/100M ethernet port.

There are other devices with ascending codenames and coverage, yet the EX2700 works best for standard houses and offices with up to three stories. Whatever the variant may be, you’ll never have to worry about the annoyances of WiFi dips again with the Netgear EX2700 WiFi Range Extender.

3. FitBit Versa 3 Smartwatch

We’ve certainly seen our methods of communication change over the years, especially when it comes to mobile phones. From the bricks of the 90s to the flip phones of the early 2000s, and from the days of the Blackberry to the keyboard-less smartphones that almost everyone in the world owns today. Everyone wonders what’s next in terms of our communication methods. A fairly recent device that many people are hooked on are smartwatches, which have just as many features as a smartphone but conveniently located on your wrist. 

But out of all the options to go for, why stick with the FitBit Versa 3 Smartwatch? It has all the features you’d expect from other smartwatch offerings, but it’s focus on fitness makes it more attractive to the entrepreneur on the go who is trying to balance work and wellness. The FitBit Versa 3 allows users to easily track steps, heart rate, calories burned and more. Additionally, this device also works with the previously mentioned Alexa from the Amazon Echo. And the competitive advantage the FitBit Versa 3 has in the market is its affordability; unlike most devices, which require you to still pay a hefty amount, even with Black Friday discounts. The FitBit Versa 3 prioritizes value for money, costing less than its competitors while still remaining  as functional.

New to this version of the device are GPS capabilities, PurePulse 2.0, and a quick 12-minute charge. These new features, along with everything that’s already included, make business communications quick and efficient and helps you keep an eye on your personal wellbeing at the same time. 

4. Beats Solo3 Wireless Noise-Canceling Headphones

Just as cell phones and computers have advanced substantially over the years, so has headphone technology. Headphones have evolved from large, clunky pieces of equipment to small earbuds that can be popped into the ear with ease, providing clear audio and excellent sound quality. One feature that has evolved exponentially as well is noise-cancelling capability.

While there are many options on the market, Beats by Dre are hands down the best choice. Their Solo3 Wireless Noise Canceling headphones allow you to block out all surrounding distractions so you can listen, uninterrupted. The connection between the headphones and your device won’t drop out from a distance, the battery lasts up to 40 hours, and the Fast Fuel charging enables you to juice up the headphones quickly; for example, getting 3 hours to use the headphones out of 5 minutes worth of charging.

And as for its ability to block noise while they’re worn, the Active Noise Cancellation measures and calibrates the audio up to 50,000 times per second, enhancing the sound quality of what you’re listening to regardless of where you happen to be. You certainly can’t get that with most headphones and earbuds.

5. Aeon Gold Lagio Laptop Lap Desk

The first lap desk created with luxury and utility in mind. 

First, let’s take a look at the design with its high-end matte-black and gold color scheme and leather finishes. The size of the lap desk has a respectable 25.6” Width x 16.0” Height x 1.4” Depth, which means that most laptop sizes would fit on the desk with no problem, as well as any other devices you might use on a daily basis. A convenient feature of this lap desk is a set of adjustable legs, strong enough to support the weight of the items on top. They can be adjusted to a height that is the most comfortable for you and your work space. The legs can also be retracted away for easy storage.

Speaking of storage, let’s talk about all the storage capabilities the Lagio provides. Aside from a space devoted for your laptop, there is storage designed especially for your charger cables, plugs, batteries, and whatever smart device you use. And there’s even an option to customize your storage items with removable post-it and cup holders.

The Lagio Companion

On to accessories:

  • Lagio Bluetooth Speakers – connect to your adjustable lap desk seamlessly and, thanks to the Bluetooth connectivity, work with other devices. They are also portable, so you can utilize them away from your lap desk if desired.
  • Lagio Power Bank – a portable power source so you can take your Lagio Lap Desk on the go and not be concerned about running out of power. It is compatible with most devices with USB connectivity, including phones and tablets, and can connect up to 4 devices at once.
  • Lagio Reading Light – this reading light is lightweight with a goose-neck that smoothly bends. It’s brightness can be adjusted to provide you the best lighting for your needs.

The quality, design, and customizability of the Lagio Lap Desk make this extremely worthwhile to enhance your work environment or give the gift of productive freedom to someone else. Compared to similar offerings, it’s got great value for money that should easily make you step forward and make this laptop lap desk yours. Shop the Lagio Lap Desk and accessories on Amazon or here.