Read this article by Fennar Ralston as he discusses whether lock-down has an effect on your mental health.

How is your sleep at the moment?

The feeling of sinking into a well-earned slumber at the end of a hard day is a reward that for many is one of the simple pleasures in life… But not me. For me it is but a mere dream – especially in lock-down.

I know however, I’m not alone. A quick scan of Reddit the other day opened my eyes to a community of people on an /r/AskReddit post that have all been struggling with their sleep as well since lock-down began. Crowds of people, all gathered online discussing the best sleep hygiene policies offered their advice to strangers struggling with their slumber – many suggestions were thrown around. From drinking a cup of herbal tea before bed to turning off your screens after 10:00PM – but what struck me was the sense that there are so many people our there that can’t for the life of them get rest during isolation.