Aeon Gold is excited to announce that we have partnered with Perks at Work & Fond to bring you unbeatable discounts and savings on the Lagio Luxury Lap Desk!

Never heard of Perks at Work or Fond?

Companies can register with Perks at Work or Fond to give employees access to free discounts and rewards programs. With either membership, employees can save big money on things like home goods or electronics. We encourage you to sign up your company today to become members so that you can receive special perks and discounts through our private Aeon Gold store.

Perks at Work

Perks at Work is home to over 30,000 employee discounts for a wide range of products including things like home goods, electronics, fitness equipment, or food products. With Aeon Gold, members will receive:

  • 30% or more discount
  • Various discounts on Lagio Accessories
  • Free Nationwide Shipping
  • International Shipping *Additional fees may apply*
  • Volume Discounts

How to Redeem:

  1. Click ‘Shop Now’ and you will be taken to a Private Store on the Aeon Gold ecommerce website
  2. Discounts and free nationwide shipping will be automatically applied

For Special Orders: Email or call 888-959-2943 for inquiries on international shipping, volume orders, or any other questions


When you become a member of Fond, you will get instant access to corporate perks and discounts on hundreds of popular products and services like technology, entertainment, and travel. Aeon Gold membership includes:

  • $80 off the Lagio Luxury Lap Desk
  • 10% discount on Lagio Accessories
  • 30-Day money back guarantee (is this specific to fond or aeon gold in general?)

How to Redeem:


  1. Add Lagio products to your carts
  2. Choose the quantity
  3. Discounts will automatically be applied at checkout
  4. Enter your payment and shipping details
  5. Wait for your new luxurious Lagio products to arrive in the mail!

Aeon Gold

The Lagio Lap Desk is an essential tool in today’s remote work driven environment and now is the perfect time to take advantage of these amazing benefits and discounts. The Lagio Lap Desk was ergonomically designed with luxury and utility in mind to bring you a high-quality mobile lap desk that is easy to set up anywhere around the house. With Perks at Work and Fond, you can purchase the products that will make your work-from-home experience more enjoyable, comfortable, and productive at an unbeatable price! Shop our luxurious line of Lagio products today!