Gear, Gadgets, and Gifts

From things like RV mats and storage bins to smart thermostats and lap desks, the September 2020 issue of the familyRVing Magazine compiled an exciting list of different gear, gadgets, and gifts that can enhance your RV living situation.

Aeon Golds’ Lagio Luxury Lap Desk was featured at number 6 on the list as the perfect ergonomic desk solution for a smaller space.

The Lagio Luxury Lap Desk was designed with your comfort and convenience in mind. With features like a black leather center area, retractable legs, built-in mousepads, a cup holder, and a note tray, the Lagio Luxury Lap Desk makes it possible to work from practically anywhere.

Aeon Gold also offers optional features for things like Bluetooth speakers and LED lights that take your luxury lap desk to another level.

With the Lagio Luxury Lap Desk, you’ll be working smarter instead of harder. Purchase your lap desk today! Keep an eye out for the September issue of the familyRVing Magazine to see the other RV products included on the list.