Our Story is simple.

We saw the need to create innovative products to enhance our digital lifestyles.  Our products incorporate great design and aesthetics into appealing, yet highly functional products.

The need.

We bring diverse backgrounds from a variety of industries and technologies but share a mutual frustration with low quality and inelegant designs of products we use every day.  When talking to friends, family and colleagues we found the same aggravation with devices lacking the function and style they demand.

The design.

With a shared incentive, we began identifying a variety of products that fit our criteria for design and began development.  We chose to design a highly functional and elegant lap desk that significantly improves the style and capacity of a laptops, tablets, phones and other digital devices.  Our lap desk is just a beginning for Aeon Gold with many products under review and design.

Why Aeon Gold?

Aeon is infinite, limitless. Gold has been associated with elegance and refinement for centuries.  Aeon Gold’s mission is to bring boundless luxury to enhance the technology products you use every day.

Take The Ride with us.

There are always certain risks that can arise at any moment during a project like this. That being said, we’re confident in our ability to produce, and have taken all the necessary measures. The Aeon Gold Lagio management team has extraordinary talent with many years of designing, manufacturing, fulfilling and supporting products around the world. We have partnered with leading manufacturing and fulfilment companies to ensure the highest quality, performance and support for your Lagio lap desk. We just need your help to bring everything to fruition. Don’t worry, we’re completely prepared to bring the Aeon Gold Lagio collection to your homes, and we have the manpower to make it happen, but if anything comes up along the way, you’ll be the first to know.

Visit our Kickstarter Page!

Visit our Kickstarter Page!
AeonGold Lagio

“The lap desk that transforms any location into a premium corner office.”



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