Are you wondering how productive you’ve really been since you’ve started working from home? You would think that working at home would mean less time to travel, making meals at home, and being comfortable which all leads to a more efficient schedule. However, Stanford economist Nicholas Bloom says there could be a “worldwide productivity slump,” as a result of COVID-19. 

While it is true working from home can offer comforts that can’t be found in the office, there are other factors which can contribute to loss of productivity. As Bloom describes “We are home working alongside our kids, in unsuitable spaces, with no choice and no in-office days.” In other words, there are a host of distractions you wouldn’t normally find in a traditional work environment. Now, with COVID-19 causing a majority of people to work from home, there are four factors that are threatening productivity: children, space, privacy, and choice. 

  • Children: Children of any age can pose a problem for productivity. Now more than ever are they able to access you and pull you away from your work. While interacting with your kids is definitely not a bad thing, it can be detrimental to your productivity since you’ll bever be able to get into a rhythm.
  • Space: Most people, if they normally work from an office, don’t have a suitable area at home to function as office space for extended periods of time. Not only is this a drastic change in your routine but it also lays way to the variety of distractions that were listed above. 
  • Privacy: Privacy is something that everyone wants. It gives you the opportunity to work freely without feeling like someone is looking over your shoulder. While you may have an element of privacy at home, there is always still the possibility of people walking in and interrupting your flow. 
  • Choice: While you may not actively think about it, choice is something that you exercise every day. However, the restrictive measures that are in place as a result of COVID means that a lot of your choices have been taken away. You are limited in the ways you can clear your mind and refocus. Before, you might be able to take a lunch break and be in a different setting, but now you are confined to the area around your home. 

Get Back on Track to Being Productive

While it may seem like there’s a laundry list of problems working against you in your quest for productivity, there are things you can do to try and get back into a sense of normalcy. But how do you get back on track to being productive in an environment that’s designed to distract you? Start creating a more ideal work environment.

Think about the things you would normally interact with on a day to day basis. An easy way to do this is by creating a place that simulates where you spend most of your time while in your actual office: a desk. However, buying a new desk can be expensive and you might not have space to put it. The perfect alternative is the Lagio Luxury Lap Desk. Ergonomically designed, the Lagio Luxury Lap Desk has your productivity in mind. Need a place to charge your laptop or phone? Done. Need a place to hold your coffee? No problem. So get ahead of the day and get the Lagio Luxury Lap Desk today!

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