June 21st is right around the corner which means it’s time to start thinking about what to get Dad. Remember that tie you got him last year? Neither does he. Lucky for you, we’ve compiled a list of quality gifts that will make you the favorite this Father’s Day. 

1) Tecovas Boots

tecovas cowboy boots Father's Day Gift

For dads who have been wanting a pair of cowboy boots but don’t want to break to the bank, Tecovas boots are a great way to get high-quality boots without the high price. Tecovas boots are handmade and use timeless styles all at a wholesale price. Additionally, each boot goes through over 200 steps to ensure its quality and durability and is then sold directly to you. With locations all over Texas, Tecovas is the boots you’ve been waiting for.

2) Devils River Coffee Bourbon

devils river coffee bourbon Father's Day Gift

Does dad like coffee? Does he also like bourbon? Why not combine the two for a truly one of a kind experience with Devils River Coffee Bourbon! An award-winning drink, Devils River Coffee Bourbon combines the traditional coffee aroma with a soft coffee flavor with touches of spice and dark chocolate.

3) Authentically American Apparel

Authentically American Apparel Father's Day Gift

Want a little more versatility for your gift? Look no further than Authentically American apparel. Whether your dad likes to golf, hang by the grill, or lounge around the house, Authentically American has a wide variety of products that are suited to any dad.

4) YETI GoBox

Yeti Gobox Father's Day Gift

Any YETI product will be a top gift for Father’s Day. Suited for any environment, YETI is one of the most respected brands for insulated coolers, cups, bags, you name it. Their robust build combined with unparalleled performance means you can keep a drink cool or hot all day, even when you’re outdoors. Right now, YETI has a special offer that has 2 free pints with a GoBox 30 Purchase. Details on the Father’s Day sale can be found here.

5) Lagio Luxury Lap Desk Bundle Package

Lap desk bundle Father's Day Gift

Perfect for Dads who work from home or use the computer on the couch, the Lagio Luxury Lap Desk Bundle Package is a gift he’ll never forget. Ergonomically designed and easy to use, the Lagio Luxury Lap Desk offers features such as post-it and cup holders, smart device slots, storage, adjustable legs, power integration, and heat dissipation. Aeon Gold is now offering $100 off ‘The Essentials Bundle’ which includes a Lagio Luxury Lap Desk, Lagio Bluetooth Speakers, and a Lagio Power Bank. All for only $289 ($389 value).

Treat Dad to a Lap Desk Bundle today: